My definition of a show breeder is one who breeds a dog that will show to it's championship according to the
AKC. blueprint  i.e. Standard. Once this is accomplished the breeder is able with a certain amount of expertise
repeat this achievement.
A dog exhibitor is one who acquires a dog  from a breeder and exhibits this dog to it's championship.
Owning a champion does not make one a show breeder it  is the first step in improving  a breeding program  in
hopes someday  a puppy will be able to enter the show ring . With this said, remember to be kind and
understanding to those who are working hard to help you achieve your dreams and please be leery of those who
try to climb the ladder through the persecution of others.

We are a small hobby show breeder of  Maltese dogs. Please take time to visit my site and learn
more about our accomplishments and goals. I currently have six champions who are totally adored
by my entire family. I enjoy handling toy breeds for others as well as showing my own .
We are  located in Southern Indiana within the beautiful
Hoosier National Forest.  ChaCa Maltese
came about from my love of exhibiting and with the support of my family and friends.
I have tried to add information that I found interesting and helpful, and I hope that you will find it
useful also. So please take a few moments to explore my site. I hope you go away with a better
understanding of this wonderful breed and the people who love it.
We govern ourselves by the
 American Maltese Association code of ethics.

                                  We are proud members of the
American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit program
ChaCa Maltese
Paula Dally Frank Kisler  2-12-1959   ~   3-26-2009
The Maltese community lost a precious soul (Paula Frank) on 3/26/2009. She will be sadly missed
by her Family, Friends and her beloved Maltese, Rest In Peace my friend
Remember our troups * we love you all*.
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By Stacy